Second Chance Consignment

 101 west 41st Street                                              Sand Springs, OK

How Does Consignment Work?

Second Chance keeps items for consignment for 90 days.  During the first 60 days when an item sells, 50% of the selling price will be applied to the consignor's account.  After 60 days, items will be marked 1/2 price and the consignor will receive 25% of the selling price of an item.  A consignor may pick up their items at any time during the 90 day period.  The consignor may receive upon request a list of their items at Second Chance.  It is the responsibility of the consignor to pull their own items from store racks.  If a consignor chooses not to pick up their items, the items become property of Second Chance Consignment and will be sold or donated at the discretion of Second Chance.

Please remember that our staff must rely on our experience when choosing items to sell in our store. We are unable to accept some brands due to the low cost brand new. We reserve the right to decline clothes we think may not sell or we feel we have to price too low.

We ask that consignors bring in their items clean, pressed, and on hangers.  This ensures the items can be put out for sale quickly.  We accept items within two years of age.  A $1.00 fee per item will be charged if items are wrinkled and must be pressed.

When bringing items in for consignment please check that:
  • Items do not have stains, holes, or missing buttons
  • Items are free of odors (smoke, moth balls, etc.)
  • Items must freshly laundered and pressed

We accept items Monday through Friday 10 am to 6 pm and on Saturdays
10 am to 3 pm.

We pay our consignors everyday except Sunday.  A check will be issued for amounts over $20.00.

Due to the high volume of items we receive, we only accept name brand seasonal items.

Acceptance Calendar


 Your very best winter consignments only


Spring Transitional
lightweight items,
Cardigans, sweaters
(button front),
Easter Clothing
No coats, corduroy
or wools please


 Spring Transitional
Easter Clothing
Capris, shorts


 Spring Clothing
Shorts, Capris &
tank tops


 Summer Clothing



 Summer Clothing



Summer Clothing & back to school children's jeans after July 15th


Fall Transitional Clothing

Back to School


 Fall Clothing

Children's coats
Hoodies, Cardigans
& Jeans


Fall & Winter
Clothing Boots, sweaters,
coats, etc
Holiday Theme Items


 Winter Clothing
Coats, Boots
Snow pants


 Your very best Winter Clothing only

Ladies and men's jeans, purses, jewelry, and other non-seasonal items are accepted year-round. 

* Please note this calendar is a suggestion of times to bring in specific items. Acceptance of said items is subject to change depending on the weather, store space, etc. Please call ahead if you have questions about what items we are currently accepting for consignment.

Thank you, Second Chance